Business Value Poker

In the last Agile – Speakers | Groups | LinkedIn meetup we played the Business Value Poker game from – Agile Coaching, Beratung und Training

Our product had three features:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Massive Parallel Processing

We had three product owners with 10000 Euros each:

  • Ineke from Marketing
  • Mikaela from Sales
  • Vera from IT

The aim of the game is to understand the different perspectives of the players they have regarding the business value of the features.

I like the fact that you can play it with simple materials like a flipchart, markers and post-its.

In the first round, two of the product owners voted with a bigger budget for their own features. Predictive analytics (maybe because it sounds clever) got 12500 Eur, followed by intuitive UI with 11000 Eur and then massive parallel processing with 6500 Eur.

Intuitive UI50003500250011000
Predictive Analytics30005000450012500
Massive Parallel Processing2000150030006500

We then posed the following questions and discussed it with the product owners:

  • Which feature helps to generate new Business?
  • Which feature helps to maintain existing Business?
  • Which feature improves the efficiency of internal processes?
Intuitive UI40003500500012500
Predictive Analytics50005000300013000
Massive Parallel Processing1000150020004500

After the questions were asked the focus of all product owners moved towards predictive analytics because they felt that it was the feature which could bring value for new and existing Business and also improve the efficiciency of internal processes.

We managed to complete this game in 30 to 45 minutes and do two rounds of budgeting.

What the product owners took back with them was the ease with which budgeting rounds could be done when the right questions are asked for the features surrounding a product.

I enjoyed the Business Value Poker game for its simplicity and improved collaborative thinking across multiple product owners.


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