Scrum Team

Standing apart

Photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash

I was on vacation in Italy in a hotel with a pool right in front of the sea.

I walked 2 km to the left and 2 km to the right.

Every hotel had a similar offering:

  • Pool
  • Loungers (next to the pool)
  • Bar
  • Sea access
  • Loungers (next to the sea)

Every day in the morning the hotel crew did the same activities:

  • Get breakfast ready
  • Clean the pool
  • Get the bar ready
  • Clean and level the beach
  • Clean the pool and sea loungers

Almost every hotel had a 3 star, 4 star or 4S stars!

Let us extend the idea of hotels and their crew to a company (sea side) with agile teams (hotels) and team members (hotel crew) and agile maturity (stars).

How would each team stand apart?

If you had 4 km of all companies in the radius all being 3 to 4 stars, how would you stand apart?

Eat breakfast, jump in the pool, have a drink, lounge a bit, jump in the sea and REPEAT.

Consume a software service, use a feature, cancel a booked feature, watch progress of a feature and REPEAT

What brings us back to the hotel?

What brings us back to a software service?

Is it something that they do that makes them stand apart?

Interestingly the hotel where I was staying one day arranged for DJ and a Grill.

It was a simple idea but it made them stand apart!

What is your team doing to stand apart?