Management 3.0 Scrum Team

Moving Motivators

Session from Agile Speakers Meetup

We played the Moving Motivators game in the Agile Speakers Meetup session last time to understand our intrinsic motivators.

It was nice to use the Management 3.0 template directly from Miro.

We took some time and mapped our motivators one a x-axis with Most Important on the left and Least Important on the right.

We then discussed the top three motivators and top least interesting motivators for one participant in the session.

What we learnt from top three motivators?

  • Acceptance had become important over time in the career of the participant. How sometimes the Impostor Syndrome creeps in.
  • Relatedness and being relevant when a person in Senior in a team and hopes that the team members still find their input useful
  • Freedom to be able to work on things that fire up some passion. Get help from team members when needed

What we learnt from the least interesting motivators?

  • Curiosity kills the cat. Sometimes it can be a snake pit taking away focus
  • Goal sometimes is important like in being able to leave behind wisdom for the next generation
  • Order sometimes brings out the tendency of being allergic to rules and hating bureacracy

This exercise helps us understand the intrinsic motivators of the participants and taking a break from the extrinsic motivators like position and financial compensation.


Moving Motivators (CHAMPFROGS): Intrinsic Motivation Game – Management 3.0 (