Local Guide – Level 6

Level 6 badge from Google

Today after submitting a review, I was awarded Level 6 in the Google Maps Local Guide Program.

Google Maps did not pay me.

Google Maps did not ask me.

Instead Google Maps gamified me.

And I am glad to have been gamified with the following results:

I like to review restaurants. I feel like a Michelin star taster when I appreciate the food in a restaurant. Google Maps gamified my love for reviewing with stars, comments and posting.

I like to take photos. Food photos are a rage in Instagram. Food photography on cook books look great. Google Maps gamified my love for sharing my photos and telling me how many hundreds and thousands of people are viewing my photos.

I like answering questions from a wizard. Especially if they are easy! Google Maps gamified my love of answering questions right after I visited a place.

How many of us have services that we try convincing our clients to use?

How many of us have products that we try convincing our users to use?

Can we gamify our services and products?

Can we transform our clients and users to Local Guides?

Scrum Team

Standing apart

Photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash

I was on vacation in Italy in a hotel with a pool right in front of the sea.

I walked 2 km to the left and 2 km to the right.

Every hotel had a similar offering:

  • Pool
  • Loungers (next to the pool)
  • Bar
  • Sea access
  • Loungers (next to the sea)

Every day in the morning the hotel crew did the same activities:

  • Get breakfast ready
  • Clean the pool
  • Get the bar ready
  • Clean and level the beach
  • Clean the pool and sea loungers

Almost every hotel had a 3 star, 4 star or 4S stars!

Let us extend the idea of hotels and their crew to a company (sea side) with agile teams (hotels) and team members (hotel crew) and agile maturity (stars).

How would each team stand apart?

If you had 4 km of all companies in the radius all being 3 to 4 stars, how would you stand apart?

Eat breakfast, jump in the pool, have a drink, lounge a bit, jump in the sea and REPEAT.

Consume a software service, use a feature, cancel a booked feature, watch progress of a feature and REPEAT

What brings us back to the hotel?

What brings us back to a software service?

Is it something that they do that makes them stand apart?

Interestingly the hotel where I was staying one day arranged for DJ and a Grill.

It was a simple idea but it made them stand apart!

What is your team doing to stand apart?