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Aim for nothing, you hit nothing

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

I was watching the movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (Movie, 2021) | Official Trailer, Cast, Release Date | Marvel on the airplane from India to Germany and there is one scene where a lady talks to her protégé and tells her “Aim for nothing, you hit nothing”

In this case, it is about a person who floats around in life with no perceived goal. This person goes on to learn archery and save the day by slaying a dragon.

In our projects, we have Developers working on Sprints (especially Agile projects).

Have you seen Sprints with no Goals?

These Sprints lead nowhere because the Developers do not feel that they need to aim for something. By aiming for nothing they are prepared to hit nothing.

Start small and define that Sprint Goal (You can make it SMART step by step at later stages)

  • Aim for some Sprint Goals and you might reach a few the first time.
  • The second time you will notice the Sprint Goals getting measurable and SMARTer.
  • The third time you will start asking yourself how did I not do it in the first place?

Are you ready to aim for a Sprint Goal and bring the dragon to the Sprint Review party?

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