Do you have an L&D plan for your team?

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What is L&D? Learning and Development

Can an Agile team afford to NOT have an L&D plan in place?


Will the Agile team be successful?


Do you want your team success to be defined by “Maybe”?

If not, read further…

I have noticed a lot of Agile teams that I have supported as a Lead Developer, Scrum Master and then as an Agile Coach.

They are motivated to become Agile and deliver value.

The pace of learning is very high to keep the

  • Developers uptodate with interesting Development trends
  • Product owner uptodate with Product innovation trends
  • Scrum masters uptodate with useful Process trends

Most team members are caught up with regular work in their teams that they do not prioritize learning and development. Most L&D happens on the job.

What if we prioritize L&D?

Here are two simple models for L&D that we did with Agile teams:

  • Short term training done twice a year
    • 1 to 2 day training with focus on topics that are voted by the team for a deeper dive. eg: Forecasting techniques, Quality perception
  • Long term training done monthly over a year
    • 1 to 2 hours of training every month over a year with interactive training including preparation, experiments and hands on trials

Interested? This is what a trainee had to say in my last training:

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