Slow transformation

Photo by Cedric Fox on Unsplash

I was walking the streets of London near Fortnum & Mason. I came across this posh Italian tailor who had this on his walls “Slow fashion”. He was selling slow fashion for those who could afford it and explain why it added value to who you could be when you are dressed right.

I was walking the streets of Munich near Pasinger Arcaden. I came across this coffee place where they had on their walls “Slow coffee”. I was intrigued. I ordered some coffee and I was in for a wait. They let it drip and asked me if I wanted cake while I waited. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth. I said “YES”. Got myself a cake and ate it slowly for over 12 minutes when my coffee was ready. It was coffee that had dripped slowly and I enjoyed every drop of it.

Fashion has gone slow. Coffee brewing has gone slow.

Does our Agile transformation need to be fast?

Not really, I think a slow and steady transformation is what a team needs.


  • A fast agile tranformation assumes a team is ready. Very often teams are forced to work Agile because it is the “way to go”. We don’t drop a kid in the deep end of the swimming pool before the kid is trained to swim in the shallow end.
  • A fast agile transformation assumes a leader is ready. Leaders are good in playing the company dynamics and can drive Agile transformation for their teams. Can they drive it for their teams and organization without training?
  • A fast agile transformation assumes an organization is ready. Very often one well meaning team goes Agile and assumes that the teams surrounding it will go Agile when they see the light. We don’t add a rookie swimmer to a relay team till the rookie swimmer is trained to swim a distance in a particular speed.

I think an Agile transformation is going to be successful when we can slow it down to the speed that is right for the team and organization. When we can ensure that the team, leader and organization are trained right, they are ready to enjoy that slow cup of coffee.

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Do you have an L&D plan for your team?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What is L&D? Learning and Development

Can an Agile team afford to NOT have an L&D plan in place?


Will the Agile team be successful?


Do you want your team success to be defined by “Maybe”?

If not, read further…

I have noticed a lot of Agile teams that I have supported as a Lead Developer, Scrum Master and then as an Agile Coach.

They are motivated to become Agile and deliver value.

The pace of learning is very high to keep the

  • Developers uptodate with interesting Development trends
  • Product owner uptodate with Product innovation trends
  • Scrum masters uptodate with useful Process trends

Most team members are caught up with regular work in their teams that they do not prioritize learning and development. Most L&D happens on the job.

What if we prioritize L&D?

Here are two simple models for L&D that we did with Agile teams:

  • Short term training done twice a year
    • 1 to 2 day training with focus on topics that are voted by the team for a deeper dive. eg: Forecasting techniques, Quality perception
  • Long term training done monthly over a year
    • 1 to 2 hours of training every month over a year with interactive training including preparation, experiments and hands on trials

Interested? This is what a trainee had to say in my last training:

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