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Here are two marshmallow towers built by two different teams.

Team 1 managed to create an engineering marvel. I loved the base which looked like a tent with 5 base sticks. It also extended from there with an inverted triangle followed by a regular triangle. The entire structure was held in place using a red string you see on the side. The marshmallow rests proudly on the top.

Team 2 went straight for the goal “tallest freestanding structure”. The base does not look stable but it does the job. The multiple spaghetti together seem to provide strength to the structure. The second level bends likes the leaning tower of pisa. But it was the “tallest freestanding structure”

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Another Agile Game to make paper airplanes!

Every one of us has made paper airplanes.

We have made them for ourselves.

We have made them for kids.

We continue making them for the kid in ourselves.

What if the goal was to make the airplane that flew the farthest?

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