Outsourcing | DevOps

Moss and Lichens has helped Hoffmann Group successfully outsource their DevOps needs for their Data Science department from Munich, Germany to Chennai, India.

We helped with Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Microservices Architecture and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

With your commitment and hard work on our application platform and IoT project we could achieve amazing results, especially in the realms of DevOps, Infrastructure and Operations. Your contributions were critical in driving the success there. A couple things I want to highlight:

  • Problem-solving skills: You try hard and with high consistency to solve complex tasks given to you (e.g., versioning, changelog, …) and by that always work on enhancing your skillset
  • Team collaboration: You don’t hesitate to competently help other team members with any issue
  • Cost-conscious: You keep the costs in mind when considering a solution
  • Azure Cloud Expertise: For all our endeavors you can competently give pros and cons of different solution paths in the cloud environment

I am also pleased that you started enhancing your skillset in the field of Terraform and Python coding, these will be of great use to further develop our DevOps landscape and even professionalize it to the next level.

I am looking forward to the ongoing collaboration with you over the next year.

Stefan Huber, Full Stack Engineer at Hoffmann Group


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