Forecasting, Productivity, Quality and Efficiency

This training is ideal for Agile teams which want to understand the importance of forecasting, productivity, quality and efficiency. It was born out of the specific needs of one customer in the tools industry. However the methods, ideas and concepts are relevant for all Agile teams.

The training is ideally done in two days but we also pulled off a fast track training in one day for the same.

Here is what the team members will be able to do after the training:


  • Be able to forecast next Sprint or next Quarter using velocity based or throughput based forecasting methods
  • Be able to plan iterations and releases on a monthly or quarterly basis using simple techniques like “Now, Next and Later”
  • Be able to track and visualise dependencies using techniques like linked issues for incoming and outgoing dependencies inside and across teams or departments


  • Be able to focus and work for atleast 1 to 2 hours a day using methods like focus blocks
  • Be able to avoid context switching using support with WIP limits for In Progress, Clarification and Testing status of issues
  • Be able to create SMART goals (atleast 3 out of 5 criteria) for iterations and releases


  • Be able to define a simple Quality gate for team and across teams in Department
  • Be able to have a minimum set of tests at the Unit, Integration, GUI and Manual level to have the confidence while releasing on Production
  • Be able to strive towards Security, Performance and Usability testing for the products and services


  • Be able to adopt innovative ways to improve efficiency like pair programming, hackathons, TDD and a planned learning and development program (individual, team and company)
  • Be able to conduct regular Retrospectives (atleast quarterly) to continuously improve the development and process used in the teams
  • Be able to understand the motivators of the team members and act in a collaborative manner