Agile Training Participant

“Thanks Ranjith Venkatesh #Kudos for two great days of agile training. 👏 I am always impressed how you explain things using specific examples, but still lay the necessary theoretical foundation along the way. At the same time, you simply sprinkle in helpful inspiration to deepen the discussed topics afterwards. 🤓
All this you manage not only well, but also super compact. Through your professional experience in different roles, you can understand and illuminate the most diverse perspectives (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer) on the fly. 💪
This makes your trainings particularly hands-on and you can always help with an example from your own experience to find a needs-based solution approach for individual participants and their challenges.
On top of all that I also had loads of fun with all of this, so what else is there to wish for? 🎉”

Dorothea Schwarz – Senior Digital Product Owner

Agile Training Client

“Ranjith is an amazing trainer. During the summer 2023, Ranjith held multiple training session within my team on agile working in general and a specific focus on achieving efficiency, productivity, forecasting, and effectiveness. The feedback from my team was extremely positive. The most important aspect for me as a team lead is that everybody in my agile teams should from time to time reflect on their daily doing and adjust where necessary in order to improve. This is what Ranjith achieved with his trainings. I still feel the motivation of my teams to improve and get better. Thank you Ranjith!”

Dr. Christoph Fuchs – Director Platform and Software

Professional Scrum Competencies Trainee

“Ranjith’s training was very informative. He gives good examples and exercises during the training to look at the topics from many angles. The training is highly recommended. I would attend it again.”

Bendikt Wöls – Product Owner

Professional Scrum Competencies Trainee

“Ranjith’s agile coaching sessions were a lot of fun and enriching for me!

I was impressed by his passion and broad experience as an Agile coach.
I especially liked his mix of prepared and spontaneous sessions and the group dynamic that was created as a result. Ranjith enabled an open exchange in the group and thus connected theory with practice. This was very inspiring and understandable for me.

Thanks for the great time!”

Bojana Kovacevic – Senior Digital Product Owner

Agile Workshops

“Ranjith held two seminars in our office, one on Kanban and one on User Story Mapping and I have been very pleased with the results, not only initially, but as we’ve been able to use what we’ve learned in our daily work. The seminar on User Story Mapping helped us to understand and organize the innumerable tasks we are juggling each week. That was an enlightening process. But the Kanban seminar has been even more helpful. It has enabled us to work on tasks more efficiently, focus on priorities, communicate about task-management more quickly and easily and keep the progress of all of the processes organized in such a way that we can all see at an instant where we are in each process and what needs attention. I highly recommend both seminars for anyone who is interested in approving the efficiency, communication or organization within their team!”

Kristy Koth – Managing Director Publishing

Agile Retrospectives

As a young startup during pandemic time, we needed to go fast as a small group; not an easy setup to deal with but Ranjith took on the challenge and helped us to reflect back on our crazy ride so far. He was excellent at setting up the agenda for our situation and also all the remote tools (Miro, Zoom) needed for the session. With his communication skills, this kept the couple of hours very engaged and insightful for all of us. I can only recommend Ranjith as agile coach, I believe he can be a big help in any situation.

Arnaud Seilles – CTO


“I met Ranjith at Toastmasters and witnessed him on several occasions on the international TM conference stages. As a very successful and highly talented contestant speaker, he grips the audience with professional yet personable style and originality, engages them with well-crafted stories and leaves them inspired. He also excels at the discipline “evaluation speech”: His observations are precise and delivered mindfully with valuable suggestions for improvement – a true gift! He also trains and shares his insights. Should he lead an international contest (rather than compete in it), he uphelds highest standards and seemingly effortless focuses all participants while being an entertaining host. I highly recommend experiencing “the Ranjith-Factor” at the next opportunity!”

Karla Viebahn, HR & People Expertise in German & English

Product Owner

“As Product Owner of the Scrum Team (blue team), it was a pleasure to work with Ranjith. Ranjith was able to understand really quickly complex workflows. He had always good ideas to improve our processes.”

Christophe Décombe – Product Owner

Scrum Master

“In my current project I had a pleasure to work with Ranjith. With his professionality, positive perspective, his confidence as well as his in-depth technology knowledge Ranjith is a big win for each team. I can highly recommend Ranjith as Scrum Master and Agile Developer.”

Damir Abdic – Digital Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur, Interim CxO

Agile Developer

“We are a team of 5 software developers including myself. Ranjith Venkatesh has been part of this team for quite half a year now to help us to handle the huge amount of work. To do so Ranjith had to get familiar with our self-developed framework that we use to create our application. Beside that he had to dive into the massive complexity of our solutions. He archieved both with great success and he supported the team very good. Besides his firm technological background knowlege he was also a polite collegue and he granted always a helping hand if needed.”

Thorsten Fall – Team Lead