Data Science

Scrum Master and Product Owner

Data Science Team
Portfolio Management
Introducing Scrum and Agile mindset

  • Date: 2019 till present
  • Client: Tools
  • Roles: Scrum Master
  • Skills: Scrum
Business Intelligence with Power BI

BI Manager

Power BI Adoption Framework
Stakeholder Management
Introducing Self Service BI

  • Date: 2019 till 2020
  • Client: Tools
  • Roles: BI Manager
  • Skills: Stakeholder Management
Strategy Consulting

Intranet application

Analysis of existing knowledge management legacy applications.
Porting Classic ASP and client side scripted applications to ASP.NET and server side web services.
Introducing automation in manually driven tasks like taxonomy, document access and tagging.

  • Date: 2014 till present
  • Client: Strategy Consulting
  • Roles: Requirements Analyst, Software Developer, Architect and Application Packager
  • Skills: SCRUM, C#, WCF, ASP.NET (Web Forms, Web API and MVC), SQL Server 2008 – 2012, SharePoint CSOM, Windows Task Scheduler
Kratzer Automation

Data Management in the Test Field

Whitelabel Web Platform for Test Automation using ASP.NET Web Forms
Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Automated testing with MSTEST and Selenium

  • Date: 2018 till 2019
  • Client: Kratzer Automation, Unterschleißheim, Germany
  • Roles: Software Developer
  • Skills: SCRUM, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server
Rodenstock Consulting

Leading Optical Lens and Frame Manufacturer

Distributed online product configuration with custom application and module store
Inter-process communication with optical measurement application using WCF
Installer based on Windows Installer Xml (WiX)

  • Date: 2010 till 2019
  • Client: Rodenstock GmbH, Munich, Germany
  • Roles: Requirements Analyst, Software Developer, Architect and Application Packager
  • Skills: MVVM, C#, WPF, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, WiX, PostGreSQL, Responsive Layout
Munich Business School

Lecturer | Business in Emerging Economies

MASTER International Business
In addition to internationality and personality, practical relevance and application is one of the key pillars at Munich Business School. In order to truly assert this during the studies, we enhance the studies of business administration in the broader sense with business concentrations. With most students, the individual skills and career aspirations develop throughout the course of their career which they can then enlarge upon. Starting with the second semester, Master students have the opportunity to focus on two out of six selected business concentrations. Individual courses at MBS as well as during their semester abroad will provide them with additional and deeper knowledge of the respective subjects. More information…

  • Date: 2015 till 2017
  • Client: Munich Business School
  • Roles: Lecturer
  • Knowledge: Business in Emerging Economies (India)