What’s Schmutzig?

Verschmutzungen per WhatsApp melden – S-Bahn München (

How often do you see a ticketing system bring a SMILE to your face?

You have Jira ServiceDesk or ServiceNow with their automated email ticketing systems which run you through a few email workflows and web frontend updates.

I came across a modern ticketing system which brought a BIG smile to my face.

I was travelling in the S-Bahn München and saw this half eaten banana thrown unceremoniously on the seat by some monkey.

I look around and I see the poster for “What’s Schmutzig?” (What is dirty?) from the S-Bahn Munich.

The poster has very simple steps to complete.

  1. Get the number of the S-Bahn compartment which is easy to find with a sticker with a four digit number and an icon of the wagon
  2. Take a picture of the dirty part of the compartment
  3. Send a WhatsApp message with the picture and the compartment number

I did steps 2 and 3 and sent the message.

I got a generic response within 3 minutes with the confirmation on WhatsApp

I got a custom response within 7 minutes requesting for the missing compartment number.

Once I found and sent the four digit compartment number I got the confirmation that the cleaning team has been informed with a request to rate the general cleanliness of the S-Bahn Munich using the 1 to 6 scale used in German schools.

I gave them a “3”

Within 2 minutes I got a confirmation of the feedback and wishes for a good evening.

The entire conversation took 20 minutes.

I would give them a “1” for bringing a SMILE on my face for their ticketing system.

Do the ticketing systems on our software systems bring a SMILE to our client’s faces?

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