Managing Bias with AI

I attended a workshop run by Johanna from appliedAI in the IHK meetup on October 2023.

One of the discussions we had was for managing bias with AI as a HR professional.

Some of the discussions we had were interesting:

  • Will the AI be bias free in ranking the applicants for a job?
    • Are humans bias free when they rank applicants?
  • Is it ok to use AI for the selection procedure if we inform the applicants in advance of the AI engine and version?
    • Will the applicants tweak their applications to get favourable results from the AI engine?
  • Should A/B testing be done with a group of HR team members using AI and another group NOT using AI?
    • Will the applicant ranked by AI be less bias influenced?
  • Can a set of HR rules be established and prompted to the AI to satisfy all or a maximum set of rules while choosing or ranking a candidate?
    • Can the rules be changed as an when new HR rules need to be added or changed?
  • Can the AI engine be asked to explain the decision workflow while deciding or ranking a candidate?
    • Will the decision process itself expose some bias?

I am also looking forward to the EU AI Act on how it will affect the usage of AI in companies:

Link for image on article and slides from AI for the SME sector:

KI für den Mittelstand – die jährliche Konferenz | IHK München (

Link to EU AI Act:

Artificial intelligence act (

Agile Collaboration

Breakfast & Speak

Breakfast & Speak was to meet and talk about things Agile and we did. Stefan (Stefan Dirnstorfer | LinkedIn) and I met at Bar Centrale from 7:30 to 9am. I love the Pistachhio cream croissants. Check them out (Bar Centrale – Münchners beliebteste italienische Bar (

Two things we discussed

The Kural Series is about my commentary on Thirukural couplets related to speech and audience especially with a Public speaking (my passion) angle. It was interesting to hear how Stefan explained the love and deceit concept with his input. Does love exist without deceit? Does one submit oneself to self-deceit to then deceive loved ones? (heavy hitting philosophical discussions fueled by oat milk cappuchinos).

The Testing discussion was interesting as we discussed various aspects of testing

  • why testing coverage alone cannot be the answer to quality needs
  • why we need to identify the value adding features to be tested to find that ROI on testing
  • what is the pain point that forces companies to seriously consider testing

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