Managing Bias with AI

I attended a workshop run by Johanna from appliedAI in the IHK meetup on October 2023.

One of the discussions we had was for managing bias with AI as a HR professional.

Some of the discussions we had were interesting:

  • Will the AI be bias free in ranking the applicants for a job?
    • Are humans bias free when they rank applicants?
  • Is it ok to use AI for the selection procedure if we inform the applicants in advance of the AI engine and version?
    • Will the applicants tweak their applications to get favourable results from the AI engine?
  • Should A/B testing be done with a group of HR team members using AI and another group NOT using AI?
    • Will the applicant ranked by AI be less bias influenced?
  • Can a set of HR rules be established and prompted to the AI to satisfy all or a maximum set of rules while choosing or ranking a candidate?
    • Can the rules be changed as an when new HR rules need to be added or changed?
  • Can the AI engine be asked to explain the decision workflow while deciding or ranking a candidate?
    • Will the decision process itself expose some bias?

I am also looking forward to the EU AI Act on how it will affect the usage of AI in companies:

Link for image on article and slides from AI for the SME sector:

KI für den Mittelstand – die jährliche Konferenz | IHK München (

Link to EU AI Act:

Artificial intelligence act (