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Capacity planning

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How often do you plan capacity?

Is your team completely internal?

Does the team have people working part time?

Do people work across geographies?

Here is an example planning a 1 month calendar sprint for August 2021

NameTypeAvailabilityPublic holidaysVacation daysAvailable daysHours to be planned
RamInternal100%1 (15.08.2021)318104
MiaInternal100% 1 (15.08.2021) 021121
HaiInternal100% 1 (15.08.2021) 120116
AnaExternal50%1 (30.08.2021)29.557
SamExternal25%1 (30.08.2021) 05.2532

Available days = (Working days in August 2021 – Vacation – Public holidays) * Availability

Working days in August 2021 = 22

Hours to be planned = Available days * Hours per day * 75%

Note: German team works 7.7 hours a days and Indian team works 8 hours a day

What is the 75% for?

  • We assume that a team member is productive for 75% of their time which is around 6 out of 8 hours.
    • The remaining time of 2 hours is for administrative work, coffee breaks and so on

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How do you plan your capacity?

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