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CodeCraft Leadership: Hacking the DNA of Agile Teams 1/3

I had the opportunity to talk at the DevDays conference on the topic of CodeCraft Leadership: Hacking the DNA of Agile Teams.

I split the interactive workshop into 3 parts

  • Company DNA
  • Team DNA
  • Your DNA

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

It was fun to listen to success stories in a company’s history. We then dived deeper into each success and asked what made it successful. This question helps us understand what the company is good at. These success stories need to be remembered and documented as best practices. These are the reasons why clients keep coming back. This knowledge needs to be in the DNA of existing and new employees.

It was equally interesting to listen to the failures in a company’s history. This helped us understand that documenting the lessons learnt from these failures were crucial. If existing and new employees know about past failures and why they happened, they can find ways to avoid the same mistakes and learn from them.


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