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CodeCraft Leadership: Hacking the DNA of Agile Teams 2/3

I had the opportunity to talk at the DevDays conference on the topic of CodeCraft Leadership: Hacking the DNA of Agile Teams.

I split the interactive workshop into 3 parts

  • Company DNA
  • Team DNA
  • Your DNA

The question that I posed to the workshop participants was “Tell us about a product or service from your team that is high on quality and you are proud of”

It takes some help to tease out the things that people are proud of and share it.

We used smileys to be happy, indifferent or not so happy about. This exercise works great when done with teams inside a department.

Those products or services with many smileys are doing something right in terms of marketing, awareness and just delighting the people using it.

Those products of services with not so happy or indifferent smiley need to question themselves on what they could improve.


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